Essential Tools For Rose Gardeners

Rose gardening is definitely easier on your back and legs when you are armed with the right tools. Here are some must-have tools for all rose gardeners.

Gardening Gloves

Get yourself a nice pair of strong leather work gloves to avoid getting poked by thorns.  You can also opt for fabric gardening gloves that are water resistant and although these won’t prevent you from getting pricked, they will not tear easily.   Avoid blisters by always wearing gardening gloves when attending to your roses.

Kneeling Pads / Knee Pads / Adjustable Kneelers

You will find yourself constantly on your knees while taking care of your roses.  To prevent bruising your knees, buy a sturdy kneeling pad which is cushioned, water-resistant, and also lightweight to carry around with the rest of your tools.  Alternatively, you can go in for adjustable knee pads which you can just strap on and walk around.  The ones with two straps allow more flexibility of your knees.  There are also adjustable kneelers which can be converted into a seat!  The advantage of the adjustable kneeler is that you can set it at any height and, unlike the kneeling pad, does not flatten the grass.

Short Digging Fork

A short handled fork helps in turning soil in small spaces.  You need to have one with a solid handle and steel forks.  The ones with a wide blade on one side and two or three prongs on the other are ideal of digging and jabbing holes in the soil.

Long-handled Shovel

Make sure your shovel is lightweight and has a well-padded handle to prevent blisters.  There are many types of shovels you can choose from.  The one with a square head is good for shoveling debris, mulch, and loose soil.  A round head is ideal for heavier digging of trenches and holes.

Watering Wand

A good watering wand is essential to give your roots a good soak.  It would not be a waste of money to go in for one that is rustproof with brass fittings as the plastic ones tend to break off easily.  There are some gardeners who have made their own watering wands out of sheer frustration!


Bypass pruners are best for pruning delicate canes.  You can get both short reach and long reach pruners for taller bushes.  Look out for pruners made especially for roses and also get the size that is best suited to your hands.


Loppers are ideal for mature rose plants and make it easier to reach and prune thick canes.

Rake / Lawn Sweeper

You will need both the large garden rake and the small leaf rake.  The garden rake helps you level your rose beds while the leaf rake cleans debris from around your rose bush.  While selecting your rakes, look for one with a flexible handle to take pressure off your back; tines with a spring mechanism as this helps in maneuvering around your plants; a narrow head to reach those difficult spots; and a wide head to cover more area.

If you have a large lawn and garden, it might be best to go in for a lawn sweeper too.

Wheelbarrow / Garden Cart

There are many types of wheelbarrows you can choose from: single or double front wheels, shallow or deep buckets, and even folding wheelbarrows that you can stash away easily and aids easy loading and unloading.  If you have a small garden with lighter loads to cart around, the foldable wheelbarrow will be ideal for you.  Getting a Garden Cart is also a great idea if you are constantly moving your plants around.  You might want to keep in mind that pneumatic wheels give a better grip on rough terrains.

Whatever may be the tool, always test it out for sturdiness and comfort before buying.   Equipping yourself with the right tools is the best way to start your very own rose garden.