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Rose Gardening Advice: Fertilizing Roses

Fertilizing your roses regularly gives them the additional boost to grow stronger and faster. Getting some good rose gardening advice on how to fertilize is the first step to growing vigorous and healthy roses. There are two types of fertilizers: organic and synthetic. Synthetic fertilizers are nitrate based and organic fertilizers are nitrite-based. Nitrite-based fertilizers […]

Exclusive Rose Gardening Magazines

Perhaps it’s the flood of articles on the internet that has taken it’s toll on rose gardening magazines. Or it’s just that there never were many exclusive rose gardening magazines to begin with. Whatever the reason, if you like the touch and feel of the rich sleek pages of a magazine dedicated to roses, you […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Rose Gardening Tools

The right rose gardening tools in the right hands can bring out the best in even the most difficult roses.  It is important that along with the process of selecting the most suitable roses to grow in your garden, you need choose sturdy and comfortable tools. Most new gardeners become weary of gardening soon after […]

Five Popular Rose Gardening Books

How do you decide on the best rose gardening books to buy?   A very simple method is to read the reviews of books on online book stores.  You can also participate in rose gardening forums where you will find other members discussing the best books to buy.  Here is a compilation of 5 rose gardening […]

How To Make A Beautiful Garden Rose Bouquet

Making your own garden rose bouquet will definitely give you more pleasure and be easier on your pocket than buying one from the florist.  A good bouquet of garden roses costs nothing less than $150.  There is no reason why you should spend so much when you can make a bouquet within a few minutes […]

Five Hardy Roses For Your Bush Rose Garden

Wild roses have been around even before the evolution of man.  Over the centuries, man has successfully tamed the wild rose and continues to create newer and hardier roses.  A bush rose garden is not difficult to plant or maintain if you choose the right roses.   There are several sturdy and disease-resistant rose bushes that […]

How To Buy Roses For Garden Use

You need to research well before you can take home the right roses for garden use.  There are several factors to consider and several methods to choose from.  You can buy your roses without raising more than a finger by sitting at home and clicking your way through an online nursery or head to your […]

Five Beautiful Black Roses In My Garden

Many a veteran gardener has tried hybridizing different colored roses but the black rose has successfully evaded all attempts.   The black roses in my garden are at best deepest purple or darkest of dark red but nonetheless absolutely beautiful.  Here are some of the black roses in my garden: Black Bacara, a hybrid tea, is […]

A Guide to Your Rose Tree Garden

Only man-made ‘rose trees’ can form your rose tree garden as nature provides us only with rose bushes, shrubs, climbers, and even  ramblers but sadly no trees!   Veteran gardeners, satiated with their successful experiments with hybrids, started looking for newer challenges and what can be more of a challenge than growing a tree from parts […]

Five Types Of The White Garden Rose

The White Garden Rose is a favorite of rose gardeners as it blends well with not just roses but also other flowers of different colors.  Most white roses cannot handle direct sunlight and grow best in partial shade with minimal heat.  If you can find a spot in your garden that will catch the early […]

The English Garden Rose: The New Rose With The Old Charm

The English Garden Rose, otherwise known as the Austin Rose, made it’s debut in the rose world in the 1960s.  David Austin succeeded in creating a rose that combines the vigor and hardiness of the old garden rose with the colorful and repeat flowering nature of the floribunda.  The Constance Spry, his first offering to […]

Grow The Roses You Love : The Hybrid Teas

The Hybrid Teas have been popular since time immemorial but are known to be difficult to grow in home gardens.  You can grow the roses you have always admired if you set your mind to it.  Hybrid teas are prone to diseases so you will have to ensure adequate space between each plant and keep […]

Rose Gardening Tips: Pest Management

Pests are the bane of rose gardening.  Here are some rose gardening tips exclusively targeting the types of insects you are bound to come across and how to manage their attacks. One of the easiest ways to prevent pests from attacking your roses is to introduce some plant diversity in your garden.  Nasturtiums trap aphids […]

Low Maintenance Roses In Garden Settings

You are dying to grow roses in your garden but are scared about all the rumors that roses are very high maintenance.  Just go for the practically zero maintenance roses, in garden settings: Nearly Wild Roses. Wild roses are the only roses created purely by nature without any interference from man.   Rosa acicularis also known […]

The Best Roses To Grow In Your Backyard

Ever despaired at the colorless barren space that you have to constantly look at through your kitchen window?  Roses are the ideal choice to pep up your dreary backyard with vibrant colors and make it a haven of relaxation.  The best roses to grow in your backyard garden are climbers and rose bushes.  Visualize this:  […]

A Guide To Growing Roses For Beginners

Growing roses, for beginners, is indeed a scary proposition.  There are many who will dissuade you and tell you that even veteran gardeners find it difficult to cultivate roses.  It is neither scary nor difficult if approached with careful planning. The first thing you need to do is identify all those in your immediate circle […]

Tips For Growing Roses In Pots

You don’t need a large garden to grow roses.  Growing roses in pots is quite simple; a few pots of different sizes and you are ready to go!  Just make sure that you don’t buy any narrow necked pots as roses need a lot of space.You need a diameter of at least 15 inches for […]

The Pink Garden Rose – A Popular Choice Of Rose Lovers

Much has been written and sung about the Red Rose but the Pink Garden Rose emerges as the popular choice of rose lovers all over the world.  The Old Garden Rose varieties are predominantly pink and you can trace the history of the pink wild or species rose even prior to mankind.  Eg. Bourbons, Centifolias, […]

Popular Picks For Your Rose Flower Garden

Although roses, in general, are much in demand, some roses are more popular than others and may even be easier to grow in your garden.  Here are some of the types of roses that grace the rose flower garden of many an avid gardener: Hybrid Teas (Hybrid Perpetuals + Tea Roses) have been around since […]

Old Garden Rose – A Vintage Collection

The Old Garden Rose is an antique and is much sought after by rose lovers all over the world. The most popular varieties go back many centuries.  They are known to be more disease-resistant and requiring lesser care than their modern counterparts.  Mixing and matching the best varieties have, over the years, produced newer and […]

A Guide To Growing Roses From Seed

Growing roses from seed is definitely not an easy task but certainly worth the effort.  There are many different methods propagated by gardeners in different parts of the globe.  Here are three tried and tested methods which are guaranteed to give you good results. Method 1 When rose hips start appearing, they resemble rose buds […]

Where Roses Grow Wild

Botanists claim that the rose is the oldest species in the plant kingdom and is known to have existed even prior to the evolution of mankind. The rose we are talking about here is not the manmade or the naturally created hybrid, but the really wild rose (botanical name: Species rose) that grows almost everywhere […]

Rose Bush Care

Roses are one of the most alluring flowers we have. There are over 100 species of rose and they have been entwined in man’s history for a very long time. Anyone can learn about rose bush care and produce beautiful blooms and keep healthy plants for many years. The rose has a reputation of being […]