“Who else wants the joy of growing colorful beautifully perfumed roses that are the envy of all your friends?“

Welcome to Rose Garden Advice,

My name is James Kelly and I've been a lover of roses all my life. I believe roses are the most beautiful flowers we can have in our gardens. Producing beautiful roses brings so much joy.

As a Rose lover, it is my goal to help as many people as possible to experience the joy of growing healthy, vibrant Roses. I have gathered some of the best available information on roses and I'd like to share it with you, free of charge.

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  • The five factors you must consider when choosing a suitable Rose so you have many years of pleasure with your plants
  • Have a cascade of color in springtime using beautiful minature roses for your borders that give an amazing lift to your garden
  • Tips for growing 'Hybrids' which provide an abundance of Rose Flowers to create a majestic presence in your garden
  • How 'budding' your roses takes them less time to establish and results in a higher percentage of thriving roses
  • Growing Roses provides health benefits. It's been shown that rose gardeners have lower blood pressure and sleep better than average resulting in better overall wellbeing
  • Choose the correct variety of Rose for your climate zone so your plants thrive and you avoid disappointment
  • Roses need nutrition too! Choose the right fertilizer and you will have healthy Roses for many years to come
  • Where to position your Roses to give them the best chance of success resulting in healthy blooming plants
  • Much, much more!
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"How To Grow Full Color Vibrant Roses That Will Thrive For Years And Be The Envy of Your Friends"

If like me, you love roses and would like to grow beautiful vibrant roses in your garden that will last for years, then you simply must read the following information. I'm not a rose expert but I am a lover of this most beautiful of flowers. When I decided I wanted to grow my own Roses I found it difficult to find good solid practical information I could easily understand, all in one place.

My frustration motivated me to start searching to find the answers I needed. It then occurred to me that many other people could benefit from this information.

So " The Art Of Growing Beautiful Roses" was created. Please read on to learn more about this guide book for the rose enthusiast.

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